POV #4: The Fits w/ Cinematographer Paul Yee

March 26, 2017

Hannah, Will and Wilson talk Amy Sherman Palladino, Dave Chappelle and Drake before diving into the first review of the female directors round, Anna Rose Holmer’s The Fits. They then are joined by the film’s cinematographer, Paul Yee, to discuss The Fits’ beautiful photography and the making of the movie.

Show Notes:

Wilson's 52 Films By Women List

Introduction (00:00)

What have we been watching (03:55)


  • TV: Gilmore Girls, The Marvelous Ms. Maisel, Big Little Lies
  • Film: Evolution


  • TV: Big Little Lies, Love, Girls
  • Plays: If I forget…  and How to Transcend a Happy Marriage


  • Film: Beauty and the Beast, Kong: Skull Island, Dave Chappelle 2, The Wolf of Wall Street
  • Music: Hancock, Drake - More Life, Kendrick - Heart part 4

Review (38:25)

Interview with Paul Yee (1:04:09)

Closing (1:42:03)