POV #7: Clueless w/ Special Guest: Emily Feher

April 19, 2017

The gang is joined by Emily Feher to talk about the new season of Skam, middle school theatre productions and Clueless, the 1995 classic teen comedy directed by Amy Heckerling.


Show Notes:

Introduction (00:00)

What have we been watching (01:10)


  • Skam, Donkey Skin, Brief Encounter, How to be Single


  • For Heaven’s Sake


  • Skam Season 4 Premiere, The Leftovers Season 3 Premiere, Veep Season 6 Premiere


  • Veep Season 6 Premiere, Girls series finale, SNL

Review: Clueless (25:51)

Closing (55:58)



POV #6: Obvious Child

April 11, 2017

Hannah, Will and Wilson discuss late night political shows, the new power rangers movie and more before finishing off their round two of reviews with Hannah’s pick, Obvious Child and concluding the second round of reviews with thoughts on female directors in the film industry.  


Show Notes:

Introduction (00:00)

What have we been watching (3:38)


  • Last Week Tonight, Girls, 30 Rock


  • A Bigger Splash, Terrace House: Aloha State, Chewing Gum, Superstore


  • Power Rangers, Mighty Morphin Power Rangers

Review: Obvious Child (25:51)

Closing (1:05:29)


POV #5: Fish Tank w/ Special Guest Sofi Taylor

April 6, 2017

Hannah, Will and Wilson talk Alejandro González Iñárritu, female silent film directors and the Big Little Lies finale. For the featured review of Andrea Arnold's Fish Tank, the gang is joined by our resident Arnold expert Sofi Taylor to talk about realism, animals, and creepy male leads. 


Show Notes:

Introduction (00:00)

Discussion - Alejandro González Iñárritu and Emmanuel Lubezki (01:20)

What have we been watching (07:09)


  • Skam Episode 1, Oscar Micheax, Lois Webber


  • Hamilton, Imitation of Life, Dangerous Encounters of the First Kind, Big Little Lies Finale


  • Big Little Lies Finale, Louis CK Comedy Special, 30 Rock


Review - Fish Tank with special guest Sofi Taylor (29:21)

Closing (1:11:37)


POV #4: The Fits w/ Cinematographer Paul Yee

March 26, 2017

Hannah, Will and Wilson talk Amy Sherman Palladino, Dave Chappelle and Drake before diving into the first review of the female directors round, Anna Rose Holmer’s The Fits. They then are joined by the film’s cinematographer, Paul Yee, to discuss The Fits’ beautiful photography and the making of the movie.

Show Notes:

Wilson's 52 Films By Women List

Introduction (00:00)

What have we been watching (03:55)


  • TV: Gilmore Girls, The Marvelous Ms. Maisel, Big Little Lies
  • Film: Evolution


  • TV: Big Little Lies, Love, Girls
  • Plays: If I forget…  and How to Transcend a Happy Marriage


  • Film: Beauty and the Beast, Kong: Skull Island, Dave Chappelle 2, The Wolf of Wall Street
  • Music: Hancock, Drake - More Life, Kendrick - Heart part 4

Review (38:25)

Interview with Paul Yee (1:04:09)

Closing (1:42:03)



BONUS EP #3.5: Spring Break Catch Up

March 22, 2017

Hannah, Will and Wilson phone in from accross the country to update everyone on what we've been doing and what we've been watching the past week. 

Show Notes:

Intro (00:00)

Hannah (00:42)

Films: Midnight in Paris

Shows: Big Little Lies, Love

Will (03:54)

Films: Burning Sands, Total Frat Movie, American Pie: Beta House, Sausage Party, Beauty and the Beast

Shows: Abstract, El Chapulin Colorado,

Wilson (26:00)

Films: Logan, Catfight, Millennium Mambo, Three Times, Love and Friendship, Women on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown, Beach Rats, Taipei Story, Personal Shopper, Raw, Song to Song

TV: Big Little Lies, Legion, Terrace House

Books: Big Little Lies

Song (58:10): “Cold Little Heart” by Michael Kiwanuka featured on Big Little Lies
Closing (59:13)


POV #3: The Social Network

March 5, 2017

Hannah, Will and Wilson talk new Guardians of the Galaxy and Deadpool trailers, the future of the MCU, what we've been watching this week and then launch into a in depth discussion for Hannah's choice of favorite film, David Fincher's The Social Network. 

Show Notes: 

News (01:07)

What We've Been Watching (14:33)

  • Hannah: Everybody by Branden Jacobs-Jenkins
  • Will: Mystery Silent Western Movie, First Degree (documentary short)
  • Wilson: Green Light, Black-ish Season 3, Song of the Exile (1990), 3 Idiots (2009)

Reveiw: The Social Network (22:13)

Closing: (01:04:37)


BONUS EP #2.5: Post 2017 Oscars Freakout

February 27, 2017

Listen to Will, Hannah and Wilson freakout 15 minutes after the 2017 Academy Awards ends.


POV #2: Jurassic Park

February 26, 2017

Will, Hannah and Wilson talk about whitewashing, why La La Land shouldn't win Best Picture, and Lin Manuel-Miranda bashing. Will then introduces his favorite film, Steven Spielberg's Jurassic Park and trio discuss the film.


I'm an Arab actor who's been asked to audition for the role of terrorist more than 30 times. If La La Land cleans up at the Oscars, I'm done - http://www.independent.co.uk/voices/oscars-la-la-land-moonlight-arab-muslim-actor-audition-terrorist-i-am-done-a7595261.html

Return to Jurassic Park - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w6OyVIPRLpI&feature=youtu.be

Spielberg’s Subtext - Mike Hill - https://vimeo.com/165693758 



POV #1: A Brighter Summer Day

February 21, 2017

Hannah, Will and Wilson talk about this years crop of Oscar Best Picture nominees, and what they've been watching this week. For the featured review, they discuss Edward Yang's 1991 epic A Brighter Summer Day, Wilson's pick for his favorite film.